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The Courtyard Stamp Project is the main entrance of Clariant Corporation on Monroe Road in Charlotte. This is the North American headquarters for Clariant. This campus has 5 buildings and 165,000 square feet of office, lab and warehouse space. The safety practices are high here and meet or exceed the standard of the OSHA. Here Clariant has on site their own safety organization that covers the whole embodiment of the company named ESHA (Environment Safety and Health Affairs). Click on Recent Projects to see photos of the work and safe practices.

The Paver Demo project is a project where we removed pavers in the courtyard of Clariant before we could start the Courtyard Stamp Project. With this effort we removed the pavers, stacked them on palates and relocated for the employees to take home. Click on the Recent Projects to see photos.

Clariant Restroom Phase 2 is 4 restrooms in Building 4, 1st and 2nd floor, men's and women's restrooms. This project  Lance Copeland Construction LLC worked with Legacy Development & Associates Inc as the Construction Manager and orchestrated the daily activities along with controlling the cost of the project, safety,  quality control,  contract negotiations, client relations and acted as the General Contractors Superintendent.  

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